Английский язык. 7 класс

Урок 48. Accidents

Choose the right answer.

What’s wrong with her?

What’s wrong with her?

Match word combinations to the pictures.

break her leg

twist her ankle

hurt her back

cut her finger

sprain her wrist

chip her tooth

Choose the correct answer for the puns below.

It runs and runs, but has no feet. What is it?

What is the only thing you can break when you say its name?

The more it dries, the wetter it gets. What is it?

What do you lose when you run a race and win?

The silence

Your breath


A towel

Choose the right answer.

I think I’ve twisted my ankle.

Complete the exchanges with the correct reflexive pronoun.

1 A: Do you need help finding your notebook?

B: No, I can find it .

2 A: Are they going skiing with their parents?

B: No, they’re going by .

3 A: Did Mary get upset when she chipped her tooth?

B: Yes. But she calmed down on the way to the dentist.

4 A: What did you do at the weekend?

B: We entertained by watching DVDs.


What does Kate’s mother want to order for her colleague? Read and fill in the missing information.

A: Hello?

B: Kate, it’s me. Could you do me a favour?

A: What kind of favour, Mum?

B: A colleague fell down and broke her arm and I need you to phone the florist’s and have them send her some flowers in hospital.

A: Oh, sure. You mean Ann’s flower shop down the road?

B: Yes, you’ll find her number in the telephone book. Tell Ann we want a nice bouquet for the occasion, around 10–15 pounds. I’ll pay her tomorrow morning if that’s ok with her.

A: Ok. And which hospital does she send the flowers to?

B: St Patrick’s hospital, Room number – hang on, I’ve got it written down somewhere… ah yes, 18 b. And the name is Connely. C_O_double N_E_L_Y.

A: C_O_double N_E_L_Y. OK.

B: Ask Ann to write a card to go with the flowers. Just ask her to write, “Hope you feel better soon”.

A: Fine.

B: Oh, and Kate, tell Ann that they should be at the hospital before visiting hours are over and that’s at half past 7.

A: Before 7:30 p.m. Ok, Mum. I’ll phone her now. Anything else?

B: No, I’m running late, so have supper without me and don’t forget to

Kate’s mother wants to order for her colleague.

• where – St Patrick’s . Room number

• name – Mrs

• card – Hope you feel soon!

• time – Must be at hospital before .

a bouquet of flowers
18 b

Choose the correct pronoun.

Do you think he can do it by ?
We are going to the shops by .
The doctor told Pat and John to look after .

Choose the correct response.

I don’t have time to finish this by myself!

Is something wrong?

I’m worried about the exams.

Are you all right?

Let me help you.

Yes, I’m fine, thank you.

No. Why? Do I look stressed?

Everything will be all right. You revised well.


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