Английский язык. 9 класс

Урок 42. Healthy and unhealthy habits

Distribute healthy and unhealthy habits into the table.

Healthy habits

Unhealthy habits

eating healthy food

cutting down on fatty products, fizzy drinks and crisps

doing sports

doing morning exercises

going to bed early

watching TV too much

staying up late

having snacks

eating desserts

stressing out

Fill in the gaps with modal verbs.

To stay healthy, you eat more fruit and vegetables. She cook dinner tonight, they are eating out. You eat ice-cream in cold weather. I treat you with home-made cakes? You be a member of a club to use the gym.

Match the words with the pictures.

Chocolate cake

Steamed vegetables

Roast beef





Match the words to make up phrases.

To join

To get down on

To stress

To go

To put on/lose

To take up


a gym

an activity

junk food

on a diet


Insert the right word.

slice, concentrate, thirsty, keep up, tasty, take up

The soup is very .

Can I have a glass of water? I’m quite .

Would you like a of chocolate cake?

I’d like to a new activity to stay healthy.

It’s rather difficult to a diet.

Eating cereal with milk and orange juice help me to at school.

Match the words with their meanings.

Home-made food

Nutritious food

Bad habits

A bit tired

Rich in vitamins

Physical activity

Balanced diet

немного уставший

богатый витаминами

пища домашнего приготовления

калорийная пища

физическая деятельность

сбалансированная диета

плохие привычки

Complete the dialogue with the corresponding words.

keep up, stay up late, coach potato, a bit tired, bad habit

Ann: Hello, Brian! You look . Do you ?

Brian: You know, I`m a . When there is a good film, nothing can tear me off.

Ann: But your is a recipe for disaster. Make some changes!

Brian: I’ll try to. But you look really well.

Ann: Thanks, I a diet and do sports daily.

Brian: It’s very clever of you.

Delete the wrong word

are healthy habits. are popular children`s snacks. I`d like to take up some new activity . are rich in iron. can help you fight stress.


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