Английский язык. 9 класс

Урок 34. World monuments

Write sentences using the causative.

My computer was not working, so a friend repaired it. What did I do?

Tommy washes his mom car twice a week. What does his mom do?

A technician is checking Stephen’s fridge to see what’s wrong with it. What is Stephen doing?

A professional has decorated my room. What have I done?

Choose the correct item.

you try to explain it, I still can’t understand it. Please take you want from the fridge if you feel hungry. Choose time suits you best then write your name against that time on the list. you ask, you will get the same answer: no.

Match the words with the pictures.


Natural disaster


Underline the correct word.

- When was the Eiffel Tower ?
- What is cheese from?
- It is that 2 to 3 million people died while building a monument.
- According to the legend, which famous building destroyed?

Choose the correct variant.



Steve teaches Maths.

You should open your course books.

German is spoken in Austria and Switzerland.

Lots of houses were destroyed by the earthquake in 1906.

Rewrite the sentences using the causative.

A painter is drawing John’s portrait.

An architect from London has designed my flat in Moscow.

My father will fix my bike.

A hospital doctor examined Jennifer yesterday.

Complete the sentences with the correct passive form.

The injured man (take) to hospital after the crash.

The flat (clean) before we arrived.

The car accident (can/cause) by a driver using a mobile phone.

Because of the delay, lunch (give) to all the passengers in 10 minutes.

Fill in: whichever, whatever, however, whenever, whoever or wherever.

Ask her out on a date you have some free time.

of the two kittens you chose to take home will certainly make a perfect pet for your sister.

It takes a lot of care and effort to look after any pet, easy it may seem.

wants to participate in the concert organisation should leave their name and telephone number with the event organisers.


По алфавиту По предметным областям


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