Английский язык. 9 класс

Урок 02. Superstitions

Fill in the gaps with the words given.

forgiveness, ask for luck, believe, misfortune, protection, behind their backs, superstitions

One of the most popular today is “fingers crossed”. And a lot of people who in it have no idea how it started. Christians used to cross their fingers to ask for God’s at the mention of evil things, such as witches, illnesses or . With time people began to cross fingers to show hope or , for example, when they keep their fingers crossed for their favourite team to win. And sometimes people cross their fingers when telling a lie to ask for God’s .

Complete the sentences with the words you have found in the previous task.

We’ve just seen a shooting even though it’s not raining.
It is said that if the first you see in the year is white, good luck will follow you all year round.
Lucky you! A has just landed on your hand.
Do you really believe that a four-leaf brings you good luck?
Oh, no, you’ve just broken a ! This means seven years of bad luck.
If you see a shooting , quickly make a wish.

Read the sentences. Which of them express worry? concern? reassure?

- Oh, no, I can’t believe it.
- Is anything wrong?
- It will be alright.

- I’m a bit worried about tomorrow’s exam.

Listen to the dialogue and complete sentences.

Ann is worried because . Ann believes it’s bad luck to . Jane . Ann gets a phone call from . Ann has taken part in .

Find the superstitions mentioned in the dialogue.

Match the parts of the sentences.

If you catch a falling leaf in autumn,

If the palm of your right hand itches,

If a girl catches the bride’s bouquet after the wedding,

If the palm of your left hand itches,

If you open an umbrella in fine weather,

If you break a mirror,

you will get some money.

she will be the next to marry.

it will bring rain.

you will lose some money.

you will have good luck.

you will have bad luck for seven years

Match the sentences with their Russian equivalents.

What a coincidence!

You lucky thing!

That’s a load of rubbish!

Lucky for us!

That’s not the point!

Какое совпадение!

К счастью для нас!

Везет тебе!

Не в этом дело!

Какая чушь!

React to the comments below with an exclamation from the previous exercise.

I’ve just found $50 in the street.

Don’t be so sad. It was just a spider.

A ladybird landed on my hand, and later I won $100 in the competition.

Isn’t it wonderful we’ve won that competition?

Oh, no! I’ve stepped on a spider. It’s bad luck!

That’s not the point!

You lucky thing!

That’s a load of rubbish!

What a coincidence!

Lucky for us!


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