Английский язык. 8 класс

Урок 48. Hypothetical situations

Put the verbs in brackets in the correct form.

If the weather is fine, we (go) for a walk.

If I had a lot of money, I (buy) a house of my dream.

If he (not hurry) so much, he wouldn’t have had an accident.

If you (heat) water, it boils.

If I see her, I (tell) her the news.

Choose the correct word.

We can’t go for a walk the rain stops.
it snows a lot, we won’t go to school.
I want to go to the cinema it’s on Sunday because I have a picnic with my parents.
it rains till tomorrow, the town will be flooded.
he is qualified, he can’t enter the contest.

Choose the correct word.

I if I had looked at the map better.
If he doesn’t do his homework, he a bad mark.
If she late, she would not have missed the train.
If I were you, I study French.
If I lived in the countryside, I fresh air every day.

Match the parts of the sentences.

If I were a millionaire,

If the weather is good,

If he hadn’t missed the bus in the morning,

If he had taken a taxi,

I would build a hospital for animals.

I will walk my dog in the park.

he wouldn’t have been late for work.

he wouldn’t have missed his plane.

Choose the correct word.

If I were you, I at home today.
If he hadn’t called me, I the news.
If I had set up an alarm clock, I late to work.
If I get this job position, I a lot of money.
If I were in his position, I so disappointed because of this.

Complete the sentences with the correct present forms of the verbs in brackets.

We (have) some coffee if we have a break.

If we had vacation in summer, we (spend) it in Peru.

If she (listen) carefully, she wouldn’t have made so many mistakes in her project.

I (never do) such a terrible thing if I were you.

He (find) a good job if he studies well.

Choose the correct word.

It’s freezing outside. If I were you, I the coat on.
If Adam had studied better, he his exams.
If he had left home earlier, he the bus.
If Sam invited me to the restaurant tonight, I .
If she is late again, I her mum.

Choose the correct answer.

If I have free time in the evening, I you.
If Ann lived in the countryside, she happy.
If she had driven carefully, she an accident.
If he had brought the newspaper, I the news.
If I were in Spain, I Spanish.


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