Английский язык. 8 класс

Урок 11. Eating habits

Complete the sentences

I’ve eaten two of white chocolate so far.

How many of sugar do you take in your coffee?

Can I have a of that cake?

A of white bread, please.

Please add a of salt into my salad.

some salt, please.


Match the words with the pictures

slice a cake

melt butter

peel a banana

beat eggs

pour tea

grate cheese

chop onions

Complete the sentences

Classic omelette


2 eggs

125 milk

a of salt

some oil

Stir up eggs in a bowl milk into it little by little.

Add some salt.

Pour some oil on a frying pan and accurately turn the pan so that the oil will spread all over the surface.

Make it hot and pour the egg-and-milk blend. Spread it evenly over the pan.

the omelette for 4-5 minutes.

it hot.


Choose the correct item

I’d like some bread, please.
A glass of water, please.
I usually have some eggs for breakfast.
I like my meat .
I prefer water.

Complete the sentences

The portions are really here.

I was really when we finished.

When we left the restaurant, I was still .

They serve quite small .

The seller our grandma.

I usually out on Sundays.


Complete the sentences with is or are

Where my scissors?
The trousers to small.
Maths my favourite subject.
The news really good.
Dominoes the board game I like most.

Use the idioms to complete the sentences

Thanks for inviting me, but pop music is not .

Please keep my secret, don’t about it.

It’s a shame you failed the exam, but it’s no use .

Your classmate Jack is , so take everything he says .

His mum knows the truth. It means he is now.

my cup of tea
spill the beans
crying over spilt milk
a bad egg
with a pinch of salt
in the soup

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in capital letters

The most popular Russian soup, which is well-known all over the world, is borshch. (TRADITION) , borshch is (COOK) from hard meat or bone broth. Borshch is always cooked with beet-root which gives it a saturated red colour. There are also (CHOP) vegetables such as cabbage, onions, (CARROT) , and potatoes in borshch. It is usually (SERVE) hot with sour cream and rye bread.


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