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Урок 2. Relationships

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There are different kinds of relationships-members of family, friends and neighbours; There are many different ways to describe our relationships with people ― some of them positive and some negative

There are phrases related to relationships. Let's remember them:


To interfere, to concern, friendship, neighbour, to support, to complain, to apologise, generation, generation gap quarrel, to respect, to share.

There are idioms related to relationships. Let's remember them.

Black sheep




There are phrases of

Making a complaint:

 I'm afraid I have a complaint...

 I'm really unhappy/ annoyed/upset/ angry etc. about...

 Do you think you could do something about...?

I wonder if you could stop (+verb+-ing)...?

Would you mind stopping...?   

Making apologizing

Oh, sorry! I didn't mean to upset you/I had no idea!

I'm really/so/ extremely sorry. Please accept my apologies.

I see/understand why you're upset. It won't happen again.

Oh, I do apologise. I/We'll try to do something about it.


Read the texts and match them with the pictures.

We can see five peoplearound a table ― two children and three adults. They are in someone’s house. It looks like it is the girl or boy’s birthday as there are presents in front of them. I think the boy and girl are brother and sister and their parents and grandmother are with them.

There are five people ― three children and two adults. They are standing outside someone’s house and talking. One of the boys, a girl and a man are standing on one side of the fence; the woman and the other boy are on the other side. I think they are two different families and that they are neighbours.

There are two young people – a girl and a boy. They are sitting outside in a park. The girl is looking at the boy. Maybe she is trying to talk to him but he is looking away. Maybe they are boyfriend and girlfriend.

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