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Урок 1. Families

Different families
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Family is the cradle of life and love where you feel special, secure and accepted. Family ties are really important in people’s life.

There are different families: extended, nuclear, immediate, separated and a single parent family. 

 Also, families have different cultural traditions and customs.

Let’s see the lifestyle of families in some countries.

Sasha: “My name is Sasha. I’m from Russia. My parents are separated. So, I live with my mum. My brother is married to a wonderful woman. They have a small son. I love my nephew very much.

Ben: “My name is Ben. I’m from England. I am an only child and I live with my parents. For me, my home is my castle.

Rakcha: (Mongolia): “My family is large. I’ve got two brothers and two sisters. My elder sister didn’t get on well with her husband. When she divorced from her husband she and her daughter moved to us. It is difficult for her to be a single parent, so we all try to help her.

Типы семей

Matching phrases

Match the phrases in English and Russian.


Match pictures and phrases.

Immediate family
A large family
A single parent family
Extended family
Nuclear family


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