Английский язык. 11 класс

Урок 12. Child Line

Child line
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Childline is a free, 24-hour confidential helpline for children and young people in the UK. There can be such problems as bullying, a problem of finding a shelter for homeless children or just talking to children who feel alone. Different people want to volunteer as a child counsellor or to raise money to pay the phone calls bills.

If there are those who care about others, further thousands of children will get help every day.  

Teenagers’ problems

The teenage years are a period of physical, emotional and social changes. Young people face a variety of challenges as they move forward from childhood to adulthood. The problems are: bullying, drug use, drinking alcohol, depression, smoking, obesity and many others. So, it’s difficult for young people to develop confidence and cope with stress. Teenagers often misbehave and clash with parents. They have a strong feeling that they must do the same things as their friends. Sometimes they even leave the house without parents’ permission. It’s called the generation gap. But the time passes and the understanding comes.

Interactive dialogue

Practise and improve your speaking skills. 


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