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Урок 13. The nervous system

The nervous system
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The nervous system consists of the brain, the spinal cord and the network of nerves. The brain is a very complex organ whose biggest part is the cerebrum responsible for our personality and many other things. The smaller cerebellum controls balance, coordination and movements. The brainstem is responsible for all the brain’s messages and controls a lot of automatic body functions. The thalamus carries messages from the eyes, ears, nose and fingers to the cerebrum. The hypothalamus controls many automatic processes. The pituitary gland is responsible for hormones. Nerve cells are called neurons. The messages can’t reach the brain without them.

Thus, the nervous system is the control system of our body and it influences our health.

Human nervous system.

Human beings are complex creatures. They have a complex nervous system. So, our feelings and emotions can be impacted by physical sensations and memory. A human being can feel love and anger at the same time. Sometimes we understand the nature of our feelings and emotions, sometimes we don’t. For instance, if you think for a moment that your friend isn’t a person you can rely on, you may feel a fit of rage. But at the same time you understand it’s just a thought. It’s possible to have emotions you aren’t aware of or can’t explain. Positive emotions help us to be in harmony with ourselves. But negative ones lead to self-destruction. All in all, practically everything is inside your brain.

Interactive human model.


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