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Урок 22. Illnesses

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Of course it`s a chickenpox – «ветрянка»

This illness is not so serious. Usually after a slight temperature, a rash and a headache children make a full recovery.

Sometimes people have a hay fever (a kind of allergy), a cold, a stomach bug, a sore throat or a heart attack.

Every illness has certain symptoms.


vomiting hacking spots sneezing wheezing cough.

Many of them are contagious.

An ill person should visit a doctor to get the right prescriptions.

Ill people often need help. The following phrases can be used to offer help:

You look/sound awful.

Let me…

Why don`t I…/Can I…?

Sorry you`re not well. Would you like me to…?

Shall I….for you?

For accepting help answer:

Yes, please. That`s very kind of you.

Would you? That would be great!

For refusing help say

Oh, no, thanks, I`ll be fine.

That`s really kind, but I think I can manage to do it myself.

Actually, I`ve already got…Thanks anyway!

Pay attention to idioms concerning illnesses:

Drop like flies – дохнуть как мухи,

Feel off colour – чувствовать себя нездоровым,

Be under the weather – чувствовать недомогание,

Be back on your feet – встать на ноги после болезни,

Feel run down – выглядеть измождённым.

Interactive image of a person

Remember body parts. 

Interactive cards

Look at the Illnesses and remember them. 


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