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Урок 24. Florence Nightingale: The Lady with the Lamp


Choose the right translation of the following words. 




круглые сутки









medical supplies




around the clock

to establish

to dedicate

Filling the gaps with the words given

Choose the right answer.

What is the nursing profession? The answer to this question has been debated by many nursing experts, theorists, and practitioners for decades. Nursing practice -since its recognition as a needed and necessary part of health care by Florence Nightingale, in the mid-1800's. Nurses are educated , and administer care in widely diverse settings. This is known as .

For me, the backbone of nursing is the art,  and use the nuances of intuition, compassion, empathy, ethics, teaching, and spirituality, to impact an individual, family, or communities experience in health, wellness, and illness.

Nursing is more than , it is the challenge and transformation of to assist them until they can care for themselves.

has radically changed
to maintain patient safety
the science of nursing
the ability to take a great deal of information into a nursing practice
"caring for" a sick patient
giving yourself to another person
Time feed

Put the events of Florence Nightingale`s life in the correct order.

Jigsaw puzzle

Put the pieces together and you will see the award of Florence Nightingale.


Do you remember the main events of Florence Nightingale`s life? Put the sentences in the right order.

Florence was born in Italy.

Florence established a school for nurses.

She wrote a book.

She decided to be a nurse.

She got the award from the king.

Florence Nightingale died.

Sidney Herbert helped her to provide medical supplies and good conditions for the soldiers.

Florence volunteered to go to the Crimea.

Choosing the right answer

Choose the right word in the dialogue.

Mum: Have you made up your mind about the profession, Ann?

Ann: Yes, I guess. I`d like to be a nurse at the .

Mum: You will have to work around the ! Do you volunteer to do job every day?

Ann: Yes, I think it is a noble profession. I can help sick people.

Mum: Oh, yes, but a nurse sometimes has to clean the wards to unsanitary.

Ann: I know that I will also have to distribute and assist doctors.

Mum: You will have to communicate with people and support them.

Ann: I am ready to do that.


Draw the picture connecting dots and you will see a portrait of a celebrity.

Matching pictures and words

Match the pictures with the words. 


Underline the right words.

The room was unventilated/unnecessary for a week. The smell was awful.

Nurses and doctors often have to work around the time/clock.

There was often unsanitary/unpopularity in hospitals for soldiers.

Do you know any celebrations/celebrities in the photo?

He dedicated/motivated his life to astronomy.

In Middle Ages, you could see fountains/sewage in narrow city streets.  

Finding the words

Find 7 words on the topic.

Listening for specific information

You will hear the opinion about the profession of a nurse. Choose the right sentences according to the text. You can choose more than one.

Matching the pictures

Connect the objects in the pictures. 

Sorting the phrases

What are advantages and disadvantages in nursing profession? Fill in the table. 



Working opportunities
Medical experience
Gratitude from patients
Stressful situations
Low salary
Infections in the hospital
Crossing out

Cross out the wrong word.

The Red Cross.

The Red Cross is a dynamic organization that does much in the way of helping people around the world/region. The Red Cross offers humanitarian aim/aid / victims of war and natural disaster/accident. Community services, support and comfort for military members and their families, blood injection/collection, health and safety education, the world - wide relief programmes and dedicated services across the globe/country. Volunteers help people in need. The Red Cross provides community volunteer/police officers training.


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