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Урок 33. Green Belts? What are they?

Green Belts? What are they?
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 After the World War II town planners became alarmed by the way cities were spreading out. So, in 1955 urban areas were surrounded by “Green belts” - zones where housing is restricted. Now “Green belts” are under threat. Some people think that “Green belts” aren’t necessary because while people have nature reserves, England has a huge housing shortage and the traffic congestion has become more and more terrible because of the commuters. The others oppose and think that people can enrich their life by outdoor recreations. Besides, “Green belts” can give habitats to wildlife which has been forced out of the cities.

Map of the green belt
General problem

People need wood for different purposes: building, paper, cardboard and others. So, every year over 100000 sq.km of rain forests are cleared. Nowadays they occupy a relatively small area in South America, Indonesia, Thailand and Sri Lanka. Rain forests are disappearing not only because of deforestation but because of river pollution and soil erosion. But they are the lungs of our planet which produce oxygen. Besides, when rain forests disappear, it destroys wildlife because animals and birds lose their habitats and die. Moreover, rain forests can be called the world’s largest pharmacy because of a lot of plants which are used as natural medicines. Some tribes still live in rain forests as their ancestors did and need protection too.


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