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Урок 28. Problems in an neighbourhood

Dealing with Common Neighbourhood Problems
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If you're having problems with crime or vandalism in your area, or if you simply want to keep your area free of these problems, you might be interested in joining a neighbourhood watch group.

Neighbourhood watches are primarily about improving safety in an area. So as well as working to reduce crime, they also do work on fire safety and preparedness for things such as flooding. They also work to build communities through events. At its root Neighbourhood Watch is about neighbours looking out for each other.

As a member of a neighbourhood watch, you'll meet with others in the group and you'll be encouraged to look out for anything suspicious that goes on in your area and report it if necessary. Neighbourhood watch groups usually meet regularly to: discuss issues of concern, report anything of significance, discuss new initiatives or listen to talks from relevant speakers.

The aim is to prevent problems in your area by working together as a community.

Neighbourhood watch can help to reduce crime, vandalism, antisocial behaviour and general trouble in the area you live in.

Some people argue that it can make you feel safer in your home because people care about the area they live in and want to keep it safe.

It can also help you to get to know your neighbours and form a good relationship with them. This helps to build a sense of community where you live. The ability to call on your neighbours can be a big bonus if you're going through a tough time in your life and need some extra support.

In the lesson you came across the following words and words combinations:

neighbourhood watch - соседский дозор

primarily – в основном, в первую очередь

to improve - улучшать

to reduce – сокращать, уменьшать

preparedness - готовность

suspicious - подозрительный

to report – сообщать, докладывать

issue – вопрос, проблема

concern – беспокойство, опасение

significance – важность, значимость

to prevent - предотвращать

to call on – полагаться, рассчитывать

tough – тяжелый, суровый 

Dealing with Common Neighbourhood Problems

Revise the meaning of the idioms related to the parts of the house.

Find the best Russian equivalent and match. 

Lead smb up the garden path

Have a roof over one’s heads

Everything but the kitchen sink

Throw money down the drain

всё подряд

водить за нос

иметь крышу над головой

тратить деньги попусту

Filling in the table.

Listen to three people talking about things they find annoying.

What is each person’s problem?

One variant is extra. 

Bob Helen Peter
overcrowded public transport
stray dogs
not using the bins
lack of parking


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