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If you travel, it`s very important to learn the weather forecast.

If you travel to the sea in summer, you expect to spend time on a sunny hot beach, enjoying a light breeze and rays of sunshine.

But showers occur quite often

Hazy weather and violent gales, thunder and lightning are also possible.

In hot weather hails are quite common.

If you travel to European countries in spring or autumn be ready to drizzles and downpours.

In winter in many Northern countries there are blizzards and howling winds.

But snowflakes can be very romantic.

There are a lot of English idioms about the weather.

I didn`t expect it. It was a bolt out of the blue.

The problem was not serious: just a storm in a tea cup.

I am afraid, you can`t concentrate on your exams – you have the head in the clouds.

I will tell them everything, come rain or shine!

What`s wrong? You have a face like thunder!

Do we have similar idioms in the Russian language?

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