Английский язык. 4 класс

Урок 13. Funny animals!

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Hello! Now you will know how to use Present Simple и Present Continuous!

I eat or I am eating? She eats or she is eating? You eat or you are eating?


Seal eats fresh fish. It has a healthy book at the moment. Is it eating the fish at the moment? No, it isn’t.

Now the seal is in the sea. It is reading the book at the moment!


We are reading now, at the moment

We read usually, every day, always, often


Present Continuous.

are swimming

is eating

is eating


Present Simple




How well do you know our new words?

Find two words that are not animals and cross them out.

crocodile, dog, dolphin, green, hippo, lizard, monkey, mouse, train, whale


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