Английский язык. 4 класс

Урок 13. Funny animals!

Animal vocabulary

Match the pictures and words.

Missing letters

Fill in the missing letters.

cro odile

dol hin


hi po

liz rd

Help the letters become a word

Write the words.

Word games

Fill in the crossword.

Present Continuous

Match the sentences.

Look! The lizard

It’s Saturday. I

The giraffe

Look at the seal!

It’s 10 pm. Mary

is going to bed.

is eating from the tree.

am cleaning my room.

It’s clapping.

is sitting in the sun.

Present Continuous

Choose the right answer.

The lizards sitting in the sun.

I looking at the funny animals.

The whale having a lot of fun.

We laughing at the zoo.

The dolphins swimming in the sea.

Help the words become a sentence

Put the words in the correct order.

The dolphin is swimming in the sea.

The monkey is laughing at me.

I am running in the park.

The crocodile is crying on its own.

Look! A hippo is learning how to run.

Word games

Find and circle the words.

Present Continuous

Make the sentences with Present Continuous. Use the hints.

Your friend . (skate)

on the phone? (she/talk)

The boys basketball. (the boys/play) 

My uncle and aunt . (dive)

lemonade? (you/drink)

Present Simple or Present Continuous

Colour the answers.

We have/are having a lot of fun now.

We always have/are having a lot of fun at the zoo.

Look! The giraffe eats/is eating from the tree!

The giraffe usually eats/is eating from the tree.

The crocodiles cry/are crying every day!

Present Simple or Present Continuous?


The seals now.

The monkeys always trees.

The hippo at the moment.

Listen! The crocodile .

The giraffe usually from a tree.

How many animals are there?

Find and colour.



Present Simple

Make the sentences negative.

Green crocodiles (eat) from trees.

The seals (have) a lot of fun.

A big whale (sit) in the sun.

A baby dolphin (learn) to run.

Lizards usually (clap). 

What is wrong?

Cross out extra words.

The dolphin isn’t not having a good time.

The hippo is having a the bath at the moment.

The monkey is often laughs at the children.

The seals are have lunch at 1 o’clock.

The whales do aren’t swimming in the sea.


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