Английский язык. 10 класс

Урок 3. Grammar in Use

Word games

Find 7 words.

Spelling the words

Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the word in brackets.

Ellen (live) in Los Angeles. She (speak) two languages: English and Spanish. She also (learn) French since last autumn. Ellen (go) to Spain soon but she (be) very busy with her school now. She (pass) her exams next month, but she (not/ prepare) for them yet. She (have) one month to learn all the necessary information to pass the exams successfully.

Matching the words

Match the words with their meanings. 

look out for

look up

look forward to

look down on

look after

ждать с нетерпением

думать о, быть осторожным с

искать что-либо (в списке)

смотреть свысока

заботиться о ком-либо

Completing the text

Complete the text with the correct form of the phrasal verb "look". 

I this holiday for a very long time. This year I am going to go on holiday two weeks later than usual because I need to my little sister. I usually book my holiday online. I different hotels and choose the best one in my view. But you always need to travel fraud online.

Choosing the words

Match the pictures and the words.

Look forward to
Look after
Look up
Look down on
Choosing the answer

Choose the right suffix of the word.






Matching the words

Match the words with their meanings.








на протяжении




только что



Single answer

Choose the right answer.

Jim in Prague for 13 years.   

Be quiet! The children a dictation.

My mom to work in the garden yet.

I usually to the swimming pool twice a week.

Jill is not at home. She to Portugal.

Completing the sentences

Complete the sentences with time expressions.

Mark is a very experienced teacher. He has been teaching Italian 15 years he was 25 years old. He likes Italy very much so he goes to Italy on vacation every summer. His students pass exams very successfully. He has applied for a new job of an interpreter. It has been his dream. 

Filling the gaps

Complete the text with phrases.

Books are one of the greatest wonders in the world. They follow us during all our life. When you read a book you . This knowledge will help you in different subjects. People who read books are very clever. If you read books .

Some of teenagers don’t like reading books. They prefer watching TV, playing computer games and .

enrich your mind with knowledge
you will get a lot of information on many subjects
do other kinds of entertainment
Filling the gaps

Complete the text with phrases.

Travelling is very popular nowadays. A lot of people travel to different countries . Travelling allows you to get interesting experience, learn about people’s life in other countries and continents.

Lots of people nowadays live in big cities. So it’s natural that they want to have a holiday by the sea or in the mountains . People who travel a lot . They see something new and explore the world.

if they have such an opportunity
with nothing to do but relaxing
can learn many things which they didn’t know before
Putting in the correct order

Put the paragraphs in the correct order. 

In spite of all the good sides, the Internet can sometimes be dangerous. First of all, there are viruses, which can be very harmful for any computer. Another minus is the violent content.

Internet can really help students in their studies. Distance education programs make it easier for students from a variety of backgrounds to attend classes remotely. There are many different Internet competitions for different subjects which give students the opportunity to participate even in international competitions.

The Internet has had an enormous impact on our lives. People use the Internet for shopping, downloading many interesting films, books, reading news about subject which is interesting for you, playing computer games with other players, chatting and sending mails to your friends. The Internet has drastically changed everything.

Putting in the correct order

Put the paragraphs in the correct order. 

A real friend is always next tо you, you can always count on his support and attention. I can rely on my best friend in everything. My best friend’s name is Kate and we have known each other for 10 years now. We are really good friends and we do everything together. We have a lot of stories to tell and memories to remember.

We enjoy hanging out, going to the cinema and going to the beach in summer together.

Friendship is a special relationship between people. People need this relationship because they expect help and comfort from each other. Those who have friends have less stress and live longer. Friendship is usually based on common interests and mutual understanding, true encouragement and sympathy. Everybody knows that friends are important. We need friends for communication, fun and having the great time of our lives.


Match the right heading to the paragraph. One is extra.

A school day

Sport is the most important thing in life

Keeping fit and healthy

Spoiling the nature

Unusual occupations

Ecology plays a very important part in the life of every person. There are many ecological problems nowadays. They are air and water pollution, the pollution of the soil and forest destruction. Our planet is our home. People worry about environmental problems nowadays. Unless we care about ecological problems, we won’t have any place to live in. Unfortunately, people have always polluted their surroundings. Disposal of waste has become a major problem.

There are many different professions, many of them are very useful and interesting. Some of them we can call “professions of future”. They are not usual professions. They are connected with new technologies. These professions are: App developer, who knows how to make a new application for your smartphone. If you love coding and problem solving, a career of Information Security Analyst is for you.

Nowadays a lot of people believe that keeping fit is necessary. They not only do physical exercises, but eat healthy food. All in all it can be called a healthy lifestyle. This way of life is gaining popularity. I believe this happens because people realise that a healthy lifestyle helps you to be healthy.

School plays a very important part in the life of every person. We learn how to communicate, to analyze, and to be friends at school. My week day starts at 7:00 a.m. when I wake up. The lessons start at 8 o’clock in the morning. I usually have 6 lessons a day. After lessons I have some extra activities. For example, every Friday I have swimming training and on Mondays I have music lessons. When my extra classes are over, I go home, have dinner, do my homework and surf the Net or watch TV to relax. I usually go to bed at about 11p.m.


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