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Урок 30. Types of houses

Types of houses
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There are different types of houses in the United Kingdom.

A cottage- a small house in the countryside

A mansion -a large and especially beautiful house

A manor - a large house with a lot of land and small other buildings for different purposes around.

An apartment block/a block of flats- a high building with a lot of flats inside.

A detached house - a house which isn’t joined to another house

Semi-detached houses - houses which share one wall between them

A row of similar houses joined together on both sides is called terraced houses.

A flat - a set of rooms in a building

A bungalow -a house on one level with a veranda.

A caravan - a vehicle which is used to live and travel.

A houseboat- a furnished boat used to live and travel.

A lodge - a small house which is used when you’re fishing or hunting.

A shed -a special building, where different things are kept

A stable -a special building where horses are kept

A greenhouse - a special building where plants are grown

A council house belongs to a local town/city council, so a rent can be lower.

A community centre - a special building for meetings, special events and other activities.

Interactive model homes
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There are a lot of proverbs and sayings which show the importance of home. For instance, “East or West, home is best”, “There is no place like home”, “My house is my fortress”, “Home is where your heart is”, “Home is home, though it be never so homely ”, “Dry bread at home is better than roast meat abroad”, “Home, sweet home”. You can find similar sayings in different languages and different cultures. An Englishman’s motto is “My home is my castle”. A house for an Englishman shows the social status. If a person lives in a big and expensive house, it means the owner is a very successful person. A lot of people in England dream of living in a detached house which is much more expensive than a semi-detached or terraced ones. Most people don’t like blocks of flat because they are badly built and can be associated with poverty and crime. So, they don’t suit British attitudes and don’t give people enough privacy.


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