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Урок 39. Toxic Tones

Toxic Tones
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Too much noise can be deadly for some marine animals. In the last one hundred years people have flooded the oceans with noise from offshore oil drilling and use of explosives which have a drastic effect on animals. As a result sea creatures can’t hear or communicate in a proper way. A hearing bubble of whales has been reduced from 1000 to 100 miles, making it harder to locate a mate. The sound blasts of sonars are so intense that they cause bleeding of the eyes, ears and organs of whales and dolphins. Some of them even become stranded. The environmentalists campaign for ships and oil companies to move away from the areas where there are a lot of animals.

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Killer whales are exciting in spite of their bloodthirsty name. Their colour is black and white which is very distinctive. Over 600 killer whales live along the coastline of British Columbia in Canada. They have a very complex matriarchal communities. It’s when a female always act as a leader. These animals always travel in groups of five to thirty. They have very strong ties with their mothers and live with them even after they are fully grown. Over its lifetime the group never separate. They are successful cooperative hunters. Female killer whales give birth every three to ten years. These animals can live about thirty to eighty years because they are top predators of the ocean. 

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