Английский язык. 11 класс

Урок 44. Uni Life

Установление соответствий

Choose the right translation of the words. 

есть один дистрактор





to scrape by



to get carried away




быть ограниченным в средствах

место для проведения свободного времени




Make a picture and you will see the place where students live.

Подстановка элементов в пропуски в таблице

Do you know the words well? Fill in the table. 

1 2
get carried
Ребус – соответствие

Draw the lines between the pairs of pictures.


Find 7 words on the topic “Unilife”.


Draw the lines and you will see the hat that students wear when they get a diploma.

Подчеркивания элементов

Underline the right words. 

One-on-one class is a tutorial / interactive class.

Many students get credits / loans for studies.

Hall / bungalow is a comfortable place for a student.

Being a student, you have a lot of relatives / mates.

In the period of exams, Oxford students wear a carnation on their gowns / hats.

Students join clubs and groups / societies.

Подстановка элементов в пропуски в тексте

Fill in the blanks in the text.

There are several types of universities in Great Britain. The first type is the ancient ones. All of them were founded and are very reputable. The top place of them is divided between . Though they have rivalry, there is also a great cooperation between them. A lot of elite people are , though they have differences in educational process. Each of them is divided into more than thirty colleges. Colleges at Oxford that depend on the field of their study, but Cambridge colleges give a chance to choose the subjects from the list . Oxford University was founded in 1096 and now . It offers a broad array of courses, cooperates with numerous organizations, but . Cambridge University is also known as the biggest public research center and was founded in 1209 by scholars, who had escaped to Cambridge from Oxford. There are and some of the colleges admit only women. Students attend not only group teaching sessions, but also have supervisions. Each of the graduates remains a member of the college forever. 

between the 16th and the 19th centuries
two well-known universities: Oxford and Cambridge
the graduates of these universities
suggest only those subjects for the students
according to your preferences
more than 20,000 students attend it
a degree there will cost you a pretty penny
more than 18,000 students there
Сортировка элементов по категориям

Do you know parts of speech? Sort the words into the table.




get carried away
scrape by
ТВ - 11

Listen to the text and choose the most expensive university. 

Cavendish College

The University of Thwip

The Google School of Business

Географические карты

Where are the best Universities situated? Put them on the map.

University of Amsterdam
University of Bologna
Oxford University
Cambridge University
Lomonosov Moscow State University
Harvard University
Yale University
Выбор элемента из выпадающего списка

Choose the right word in the dialogue. 

Father: Mike, you are going to from school next year. What are your plans for the ?

Mike: I think, I will try to the University. Dan`s brother is a student and he thinks it is .

Father: Student`s life is not so . You should sit through endless boring ; work at night to meet essay .

Mike: I am ready for it. Interactive and tutorials are very interesting, Dan says.

Father: What about extra-curricular ?

Mike: Students have many clubs and societies to . In addition, they have favourite hangouts to spend time.

Father: I guess, you can try to enter the University to get education. 

ТВ - 14

You will hear the text about Yale University. What facts are true? You can choose more than one. 

Зачёркивания элементов

Cross out the wrong word. 

Students starting their studies / working at universities in Great Britain automatically / practically become members of an organization called a students` union. The part`s unions rule / aim is to represent the needs of its members and provide support / supper, as well as offering plans / activities for students to take part in. Students who resign their membership may still use Union social facilities provided / supplied. Most unions give / receive some funding through an annual allocation, also called the block grant, from their educational institution. Many unions supplement this income from commercial sales / building from their venues, shops, and marketing revenue


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