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Урок 34. Space technology

Space Technology
Необходимо запомнить


- I know you are interested in cosmos.

- Yes. I’m fascinated by astronomy. I’ve got extracurricular activity at school. We study solar system. We learn the gravitationally bound system of the planets and the Sun plus other objects that orbit it, either directly or indirectly.

- Wow! Sounds incredibly educational.

- Last time we discussed the hypothesis about existing of intelligent life in the Galaxy.

- I see. You should definitely visit the new exhibition in our national museum.

- Is the ticket price affordable?

- It’s decent. Don’t worry. 

- Let’s go there immediately.

- Ok. Do you mind taking my cousin with us?

- Oh! It will be science promotion for him.

- Let’s comb this museum!

- What? (takes out one earphone) To comb? What’s wrong with my hairstyle?

- I said we should watch the exposition very carefully. It’s a worthy place.

- Go ahead.

- (looks around) Marvelous. Can you see that flash?

- What? (takes out one earphone)

- He asked if you could see that flash over there.

- Look. It’s between the satellite and the life-size telescope. Let’s come closer.

- What is it?

- It’s the flash of laser light.

- What for?

- Scientists think that the alien civilization might be beaming across space.

- Do you believe in abducting people by aliens?

- I haven’t caught the idea of his question. 

- He wondered if you believed that aliens can steal, rob or take the people away.

- May be. Why not?

- Has any human seen the real alien?

 So we have a great deal of movies about extraterrestrial life.

- Extra what?????????

- He means the intelligent life which might be existed in our galaxy.

- Oh! And each director creates his own version of UFO. And they like to fantasize about the establishing the contact with aliens.

- Attention! The museum channel broadcasts breaking news about their new advanced beam which hunts for extraterrestrial intelligence.

- Face the fact, my friends, the military system has been using this kind of radio wave, too.

- Look at this precious beam.

- Look at me. I’m beaming too. My smile is precious too.

- Sorry?

- I said my smile was precious too, smart alec.

- I beg you to stop. I can convince you that this information is strikingly valuable for me. I’m dedicated to this kind of search. I need to know as much as possible about sweeping the skies and downloading the screensaver.

- Why?

- I’m going to join the scientific organization which analyses signals from the radio telescopes.

- Terrific idea.

- Terrible idea. It seems like sitting around. It will confine your free time. Won’t you complain of lack of time?

- In fact, it is a very convenient system. They’ll help me to tune in and if I’ve got any shred of unknown signal, it will be an encouraging situation.

- Ye-ye. Or discouraging.

- Do you intentionally drive me crazy? I’m going to force you out of the museum.

- What?

- He said that he was going to force you out of the museum.

- Hey, pal. I’m immensely tired of this event. This is excruciating excursion for me too.

- So why are you here? For teasing me?

- Do you want to know the truth? Look at this antenna.

- What is this roar?

- It’s a rescue signal or distress call. I’m leaping into the action. See you later…

- What action???????

(The third speaker is running away with the lighting antenna on his head.)

Space Technology

Now you are ready to work with new vocabulary.

You will watch the conversation of 3 people.

During the 1st watching (without subtitle) you should catch the idea of the conversation.

The 2nd watching is with English subtitles. Each person’s speech is pointed out with the special colour. The 1st speaker’s speech is white, the 2nd – red, the 3rd – blue.

If needed, you can watch the video with Russian subtitles.

All the other watching can be stopped at any place to clarify the understanding. Work in your own pace until you catch all the details and recognize new vocabulary. 

Introducing new words
Introducing new words

Look at a word and tick its science meaning: 

Sweep (swept-swept) – смести/размах/пространство, охватываемое взглядом.

To sweep a floor/the streets/ a chimney

To clean away/sweep up a mess

To sweep the crumbs from the table

To sweep the guitar

To sweep the skies

Introducing new words

You can see the synonyms for the given science words, but one variant in each group is not right, tick it:

Convince - убедить:

Confine - ограничивать:

Grain - зерно:

Shred - кусок:

Evidence - доказательство:

Abduct - похищать:

Introducing new words

Which word is connected with “Space Technology” vocabulary: 




Introducing new words

Do you know the abbreviation expansion of BBC? 

BBC – Best Baked Cake

BBC – Bottom of Beggar Creation

BBC – British Broadcast Corporation

BBC – Bed and Breakfast Cottage

Introducing new words

Tick all the variants of the translation of the word “Луч” :

Introducing new words

Think all the possible purposes of satellite:


По алфавиту По предметным областям


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