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Урок 48. At the airport

At the airport
Необходимо запомнить


At the airport

If you like to travel, you come to the airport from time to time.

All passengers are requested to arrive 2 hours before the departure time.

At first, you should look at the departures board to make sure that your flight is not delayed.

Then register your ticket at the check-in desk and weigh your luggage, putting it on the conveyor belt.

Here you are given a boarding pass. Usually you can choose an aisle or a window seat.

The next is the passport control post, where you should have your identity checked.

Then you can go to the departure lounge and have a rest, read a newspaper, have a snack or simply visit duty-free shops.

When the announcement about your flight is made, you should find the departure gate number mentioned on your ticket.

You should nap during the flight, otherwise you will feel jet lag.

On arrival don`t forget to go to the baggage reclaim to collect your bags.

I do like to fly!

Did you notice that the auxiliary verb is used to give emphasis?

It is an inversion.

We can invert the subject and the auxiliary verb when the sentence starts with rarely, seldom, so, such…

Seldom do we go out since the baby was born.

Inversion takes place with so, neither, nor to express agreement

I like pizza. So do I.

With should, were, had when they come at the beginning of an if-clause instead of if

Were I you, I wouldn`t trust her.

When the expressions only after, only by, only if, only when, not until come at the beginning of a sentence the inversion is in the main clause

Only if you follow my advice will you succeed.

After adverbs of place we can invert the subject and the main verb to give emphasis

Here comes the bride.

At the airport


По алфавиту По предметным областям


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