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Урок 11. My favourite food!

Favourite food in England
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Russian children like pancakes, chocolate, fruits, cheese, tea. English children like fish and chips, porridge, pudding and tea with milk.

Breakfast is in the morning. Lunch is in the afternoon. Dinner is in the evening. Children have snacks between breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Учимся образовывать множественное число

Составь пары единственное - множественное число.

My favourite food!


You have three meals a day. You have breakfast in the morning, lunch at day time and dinner in the evening.


What is snack food?

You eaten between meals. You can eat snacks at school breaks between the lessons. It can be biscuits or fruit: like bananas and apples.

Единственное и множественное число

Meal is food that you eat at different times of the day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner a three main meals.

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