Английский язык. 4 класс

Урок 1. Back together

Back together
Необходимо запомнить


-Hi! -I am Mary. Do you remember me?

-I am happy I remember you! I am Nick.

-I feel the same! We are back together!

-Hello, I am Daria Gennadievna! What is your name?

-Hello, my name is Philipp.

-Nice to meet you, Philipp!

-Nice to meet you too, Daria Gennadievna!

-Hi, my name is Mary! I can dance really well. But I can’t swim.

-Hi, I am Nick! I can play basketball, I can swim and I can’t ride a bike!

-Hello! My name is Daria Gennadievna and I can draw funny animals!

-Hi ! I am Philipp! I can play soccer and I can swim very well.

-Hi, everybody! I remember your names: you are Mary and you can dance, you are Nick and you can swim, you are Philipp and you can play soccer very well! I am happy we are back together!

-Hello! I remember your name. You are Daria Gennadievna

-Hello! Nice to meet you, Daria Genndievna! I am happy!

-Hello! I feel the same!



-Can you dance, Mary?

-Yes, I can.

-Can you swim?

–No, I can’t.


-Can you play basketball, Nick?

-Yes, I can.

-Can you ride a bike?

–No, I can’t.


-Can you play soccer, Philipp?

-Yes, I can.

-Can you swim?

–Yes, I can.

Dialogue "Meeting"

Make a dialogue of randomly arranged phrases.

-My name is Mike.


-I am 10 years old. And how old are you?

-I am 11 years old.

-Nice to meet you!

-Nice to meet you too!

-How old are you?


-My name is Kate. And what is your name?

-What is your name?

What can the girls do?

Match the pictures and sentences.

Alice can ride a bike.
Sue can play basketball.


По алфавиту По предметным областям


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