Английский язык. 4 класс

Урок 15. A walk in the wild

Modal verbs
Необходимо запомнить


I can read English magazines.

You can’t swim in the rivers in winter in Russia.


You mustn’t feed the animals.

You must wear a uniform at school.


My parents have to go to work every day.

You don’t have to go to the party if I don’t want to!


It may rain tomorrow.

May I sit here?



Modal verbs don’t use an “-s” at the end.

Modal verbs don’t add “-ed” at the end.

Modal verbs don’ take “will”, ”do/does” or “did” in questions.

Modal verbs don’ t have “-ing” at the end.

You don’ t write “to” after modal verbs.


To make questions in “She can swim.” you say “Can she swim?”


To make questions in “Tom must wear a uniform.” you say “Must Tom wear a uniform?”


May I come in?

May I sit down?


Attention! Внимание!

Модальный глагол have to меняется по всем правилам!

1. Пользуется вспомогательными глаголами will, do/does или did в вопросах и отрицаниях.

2. Может меняться с have на has.

You have to go to school every day.

You don’t have to go by taxi to school.


Match the words with the signs.

you can roller-skate here!
you must wear a mask
I have to wash the dishes.
you may give only carrots
you mustn’t feed the animals
Modal verbs

Match the parts of the sentences.

The teacher said to the children,

My little sister asked,

My Mum said,

He knocked at the door and asked,

“Can you play with me?”

“May I come in?”

“Sit down, please.”

“You must be at home at 8 o’clock.”


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