Английский язык. 4 класс

Урок 16. The best of times!

The best of times!
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Regular verbs in Past Simple end in “-ed”:

play – played

jump – jumped

cook – cooked


Irregular verbs in Past Simple do not end in “-ed”:

go – went

write – wrote

drink – drank


– My father buys strawberry every day.

– My father bought strawberry yesterday.

bought – irregular verb


– I eat mushrooms every day.

– I ate mushrooms yesterday.

ate – irregular verb


He saw a giraffe in the tree

She went to the forest school last Monday

I drew a picture of my family last week

They wrote a letter to our forest president

You sang an animal song in the forest

We made a green cake two days ago

We drank honey near the lake


How to make questions with irregular verbs

Did he see a giraffe in the tree?

Did she go to the forest school last Monday?

Did I draw a picture of my family last week?


Attention! Если в вопросе есть вспомогательный глагол did, то неправильный глагол (irregular verb) не меняет свою начальную форму!

Did they write a letter to our forest president?

Did you sing an animal song in the forest?

Did we make a green cake two days ago?

Did we drink honey near the lake?

Entertainment in the day

Match the pictures with the words!

How well do you know your grammar?

Fill in the gaps with the irregular verbs in brackets in Past Simple.

I (see) his picture at the exhibition.

We (ride) bikes in the park yesterday.

Mum (give) me a beautiful doll.

He (go) to the window and opened it.


По алфавиту По предметным областям


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