Английский язык. 11 класс

Урок 21. Injuries

Необходимо запомнить


Sometimes you can get into a dangerous situation, when you have to risk your life, face with agonizing decision or fight against all odds. 

You can even get injuries.

There are different kinds of injuries.

You can

fracture your ankle - сломать лодыжку

сut your finger - порезать палец

Sprain your wrist - растянуть запястье

Scratch your face - поцарапать лицо

Bruise your knee - поставить синяк на колене

As a result, you can have a swollen neck - распухшая шея

Feel a nagging pain - испытывать ноющую боль

You can even be unconscious - быть без сознания

In all these cases, you must be treated.

Treat - лечить

Pay attention to this form: must be treated. It`s passive.

We use passive when:

-the person who carries out the action is unknown, unimportant or obvious from the context;

-when the action itself is more important than the person who carries it out;

-when we refer to an unpleasant event and we do not want to say who or what is to blame.

Pay attention to the word order in passive sentences.

All the forms of passive verbs are made of to be + V3.

Name a picture

Match the pictures and the expressions.       

Interactive image of a person

Remember body parts. 


По алфавиту По предметным областям


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