Английский язык. 4 класс

Урок 6. All your yesterdays!

All your yesterdays
Необходимо запомнить


I was bored at home last Sunday.

I was hungry at home last Sunday.

I was happy in the forest! The sun was shining! It was warm and nice!

I was tired in the forest in the evening last Sunday.

I was sad in the forest. There was no signal in the air.

I was angry! No berries. No sun. No telephone!

I was scared last Sunday. It was dark and cold in the forest.

I was happy! My mom and my dad were happy too!

It was the first time I got lost in the forest!



one – the first (один – первый)

two – the second (два – второй)

three – the third (три – третий)

four – the fourth

five – the fifth

six – the sixth

seven – the seventh

eight – the eighth

nine – the ninth

ten – the tenth


Match the emoticons with the adjectives.


Fill in the gaps with the numerals in brackets in the correct form.

I am years old. (9)

My birthday is on the of September. (5)

My day in school was fun. (1)

I have brothers. (2)


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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
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