Английский язык. 4 класс

Урок 20. The Animal Hospital!

The animal hospital!
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The Present Simple Tense


Animals always (всегда) go to school. They usually (обычно) read every lesson!

I always (всегда) drink honey and eat strawberries.


Attention! Если ты говоришь об одном человеке или животном, то к глаголу необходимо прибавить окончание -s:

He always drinks honey.

She never eats bees.

It usually sleeps every day.


How to make a question?

Ты используешь вспомогательный глагол do в вопросе, когда обращаешься к I/we/you/they.

Ты используешь вспомогательный глагол does в вопросе, когда обращаешься к he/she/it.

Does your friend go the theatre?

Does the bear drink honey?

Does Philipp like to visit cafes?

Do you have a brother?

Do they play drums?

Do we go to the hospital?


Does your uncle work in garage? – No, he doesn’t.

Does Mary go to the station every day? – yes, she does.

Does Nick visit theatre every Saturday? – No, he doesn’t.

Do you have a phone? – Yes, I do.

Do they like music? – No, they don’t.

Do we go to the baker’s? – Yes, we do.


I like

You like

We like

They like


She likes

He likes

It likes

What is there in your place?

Match the places with the names!






post office



How well do you know your grammar?

Match the questions and answers.

Do you listen to loud music?

Does a doctor work in a theatre?

Does it usually snow in winter?

Do they play computer games every day?

Do your sister study English at school?

Yes, she does.

No, I don’t.

No, he doesn’t.

Yes, it does

No, they don’t.


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