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Урок 23. Travelling is fun

Travelling is fun
World country

 Match the pictures.

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Today you will learn to describe pictures of different countries! You will visit Scotland, Greece and its capital Athens, Spain and Japan! Finally we will fly to India!

Look! This is Scotland.

There are many green parks and hills in the picture. Look at the man! He is wearing a traditional Scottish skirt – kilt. He is playing the bagpipe – a national musical instrument! I want to visit Scotland and to play the bagpipe!

This is Greece.

Greece is a country where you can see a lot of ancient cities. Athens is the capital of Greece. There is a famous and popular place for tourists! It is Acropolis!

This is Spain.

Spain is a country where you can see сorrida. Corrida is a bullfighting.

There is Sagrada Familia (собор Гауди) in the centre of Barcelona. Sagrada Familia (собор Гауди) is a famous church in Spain. It is very high and unusual.)

People in Spain like dancing a traditional dance – flamenco. Women and men wear beautiful bright red costumes for this dance.

Look! This is Japan. The capital of Japan is Tokyo.

There is a high mountain in Japan. It is Fudziyama (Fuji). Fudziyama is a Japanese volcano. I want to travel to Japan!

This is India.

There are a lot of people in this big country. People in India wear long traditional clothes. It is sari. And they speak the Hindi language. Men and women have a red spot on the face.

Taj Mahal is a famous place in India, you will like it!


Countries of the world
What do you know about other countries?

Fill in the gaps.

The bagpipe is the national musical instrument of .

You can see a lot of ancient cities in .

The favourite dance of is flamenco.

The capital of is Tokyo.

Sari is the national clothes of .



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