Английский язык. 4 класс

Урок 32. Once upon a time!

Once upon a time!
Необходимо запомнить


Regular verbs in Past Simple

Regular verbs in Past Simple end in -ED.

shout – shouted

jump – jumped

pick up – picked up

cook – cooked

play – played


Irregular verbs in Past Simple 

Irregular verbs in Past Simple do not end in -ED.

catch – caught

drink – drank

go – went

write – wrote


My Prince buys rings every month. – My Prince bought a ring yesterday.

I eat porridge every day. – I ate porridge yesterday.


How to make questions with irregular verbs?

Did I draw a picture of the dragon?

Did she write a letter to the King?

Did we make a fire?

Attention! Если в вопросе есть вспомогательный глагол did, то неправильный глагол (irregular verb) не меняет свою начальную форму:

Did we drink hot milk?

Did she go to pick us up?

Did we sing a song?

How well do you know our new words?

Match the words with their translations or pictures.


pick up





pick up


Животные и дом


По алфавиту По предметным областям


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