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Урок 9. Famous Streets

Famous Streets
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Ранее мы уже знакомились предлогами места, помогающими нам составить точное описание местоположения предметов в пространстве. Для описания расположения различных объектов на улице и описания маршрутов перемещения по улицам города тех предлогов недостаточно. Нам потребуется ещё ряд предлогов места, таких как:

  • among - среди
  • along – вдоль
  • around -- вокруг
  • ahead – впереди
  • across - через
  • through – сквозь 

Приведём примеры использования этих предлогов в контексте темы «Улицы города»:

There are beautiful sculptures among the trees in the Summer Garden in St. Petersburg.

I love walking along the street in the evening.

Look around and you’ll see a lot of historical buildings and monuments.

Go ahead and you’ll get to the nearest metro station.

If you walk through the park you’ll get to the café next to the lake.

Central Streets of the Past

Modern central streets of big cities look luxurious and bright. There are hundreds of boutiques and a lot of colourful advertisement. You can find almost whatever you need from banks and offices to churches and cathedrals. All the buildings decorated with lights which turn on in the evening and enlight the busy nightlife of a big city.

Can you imagine that only about 100 years ago the central streets looked different? There were more green spots with tall trees for citizens to walk and relax. There were a lot of small cafeterias which didn’t look like modern coffee houses and restaurants. There you could enjoy a cup of hot coffee with c piece of cake looking at the beautiful scenery from the window. Small shops, saloons and street markets were very popular among both tourists and citizens. There were no colourful billboards and bright lights, just the gentle light of the tall city street lights.

Although, even 100 years ago the central streets were busy with people and present the city spirit for tourists.


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