Английский язык. 6 класс

Урок 49. What’s the weather like?


Derive adjectives from the following nouns.

Rain –

Wind –

Snow –

Sun –

Storm –

Chill –

Fog –


Guess what future forms we should use in these sentences. Put the sentences in the right column.

Future Simple To be going to Present Continuous
My dad went to the garage. He ….to repair his car.
I’ hope I … do it tomorrow.
We …. a party tonight. Come to visit us.
Use of English

Sort out the words.

Freezing cold




a jacket


an umbrella

a fur coat


Complete the dialogue.

- Hi, Anna!

- ! I’m glad you’ve come. The weather is awful. I don’t know how I will get home.

- Yeah. . Look, I’ve got an umbrella.

- Wow. It’s cool. The wind blew out my one last year that’s why .

- You’re right, the umbrella isn’t very comfortable to carry, . Let me walk you home.

- . Thank you, Tom.

Good idea
but you can’t share one raincoat with somebody else
I prefer wearing a raincoat then
It’s raining cats and dogs
Hi, Tom

Do the crossword puzzle.

Пишите слова со строчной буквы.
Use of English

Try to guess the meaning of some English idioms. 

Get a rain check

Save for a rainy day

Rain cats and dogs

Rain on (one's) parade

рушить чьи-то планы или смягчать чей-то пыл

откладывать на чёрный день

льёт как из ведра

отменять мероприятие в надежде провести его как-нибудь потом


Complete the sentences with different future forms. Do not use short forms.

I’m busy. I you back in a minute.

They married next month. She said «yes» to him.

My parents for Paris tomorrow. The plane takes off at 7 pm.

will phone
are leaving
are going to get

Listen to the weather forecast and choose true/false/not stated.

The weather is bright in Wales today. True/False/Not Stated

Its sunny with isolated showers in Scotland. True/False/Not Stated

The temperature raises up to 13 C tomorrow. True/False/Not Stated

Rain spreads across south and southeast tomorrow. True/False/Not Stated

Its windy and cold in Northern Ireland. True/False/Not Stated


What’s the weather like? Match the phrases to the pictures.

It’s snowy.
It’s windy.
It’s rainy.
It’s sunny.

Read the text and choose the three key ingredients that create severe thunderstorm that can produce tornadoes in the U.S.A. Use you dictionary if necessary.

The United States gets more tornadoes than any other place on the planet. The U.S. gets so many tornadoes because of the presence of the Rocky Mountains and the Gulf of Mexico. Those features create the conditions for the three key ingredients necessary for the kind of severe thunderstorm that can produce tornadoes:

- Warm, moist air at low levels

- Cool, dry air aloft

- Horizontal winds that increase with height from the ground-up—and change direction, so that they blow from the equator at low levels, and from the west aloft.

The United States sees all three of those ingredients.


Sign the pieces of clothes. 

warm trousers
a hat
a boot
a jacket
a flip flop
an ugg
a raincoat
a dress

Choose the correct item.

  1. Your friend bought a new gadget and he doesn’t know how to use it. But you do. You say: I you.
  2. Everything is planned. We at 6 o’clock in the morning.
  3. The carpenter is carrying a toolbox. He the water tap.

Cross out the odd word.

Rainy baggy sunny

Hot polka-dot cold

Sweater jacket bracket


Complete the dialogue.

- Hi, do you want to eat out tonight?

- .

- I want to try the open-air café terrace on the corner of Garden Street. .

- Have you seen the weather forecast? . There has been some drizzle this morning.

- No, the sky is clear now and you can see the sun. It will make it warm.

- But there’s a cold wind that makes it a bit chilly.

- .

- Ok, if it starts to rain .

It may rain
It’s autumn already and the weather might not be good for eating outside again until the spring
we will go inside then.
Yes, that would be great
We can wear out coats. I want to sit in the sun for a bit


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