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Урок 35. Weekends

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Present Continuous одно из самых наиболее востребованных времён. Обратите внимание, как образуются отрицательные и вопросительные предложения.

Отрицательное предложение:

подлежащее + to be + not + основной глагол + -ing.

I am not playing.

You are not playing.

He / she / it is not playing.

We are not playing.

You are not playing.

They are not playing.

Вопросительное предложение:

to be + подлежащее + основной глагол + -ing

Am I playing

Are you playing?

Is he / she / it playing?

Are we playing?

Are you playing?

Are they playing?

Culture corner

In Britain weekend is time for families. The parents have two days off and they share them with their children. Saturdays are a busy time for shops. Many families go shopping. Many years ago shops were closed on Sundays and most people were at home or at church. These days we might do the shopping at any day of the week though people might also do the activities such as gardening or cleaning up. 


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