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Урок 48. Asking for/Giving directions

Asking for/Giving directions
Необходимо запомнить


Наречия времени в прошедшем простом времени Past Simple.

В прошедшем простом времени Past Simple используются наречия времени.

К ним относятся:

Yesterday – вчера

Yesterday morning – вчера утром

Last summer (winter, autumn, spring) – прошлым летом (зимой, осенью, весной)

Last month – в прошлом месяце

Last week – на прошлой неделе

Last night – прошлой ночью

Ago – тому назад (может быть как пять минут, так и пять лет)

In + год – in 2018 – в 2018 году

Наречие времени, как правил, стоят в конце предложения.

We went to London last year. – В прошлом году мы ездили в Лондон.

They were here five minutes ago. – Они были здесь пять минут назад.

She didn’t play the piano yesterday. – она не играла на пианино вчера.

Culture corner

Why does the UK drive on the left?

Gareth Edmunds from Bristol, said he was curious as his family hosts English language students from all over the world. «As I drive them around I hear them wince as they see an oncoming car to our right and think we're going to crash - it's a question that always crops up», he said.

«My pet theory is that it's something to do with times gone by when if you met a stranger on the road you'd pass on the left so your weapon arm was on their side».

Stephen Laing said it dated back to Roman times. «Most people are right handed, naturally mount a horse from the left and so need their right hand free for combat», he said. Britain's Highway Act of 1835 enshrined driving on the left in law for this country and its colonies.


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